Welcome to our online school!

JNC Healthcare Compliance Group provides educational advisory services for medical and dental practices. And, our comprehensive services are designed to help you understand the necessity of enacting an effective compliance plan, which in turn simplifies the process because you now understand the “why” behind it.

What you will learn:

  • Compliance Foundation

    The foundation of compliance programs for individual and small group physician practices in the U.S.

  • OIG's 7 Elements

    In-depth understanding of OIG's "7 elements of an Effective Compliance Program."

  • Healthcare Laws & Regulations

    Healthcare laws and regulations concerning your practice.

  • Compliance Tips & Tricks

    Compliance tips and tricks to enact immediately, and much more!

We don't want you to be the next practice audited!

Even if you have a compliance plan in place, join our school to ensure you have a solid checks and balances system.